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fun little ducks


United States

Posted Jun 09, 2014

Call ducks are cute and funny little guys. They come in a wide range of colors and their rounded little heads and bodies can only be described as adorable. Some of the call ducks we had were flighty and we had to be very careful not to let them out of their enclosure, but the last two we owned (one snowy and one marked like a mallard) didn't seem to know they could fly. When my son cleaned the tub they used for swimming, he would let them out into the main yard where our Border Collie would herd them around. They would waddle about on the ground, quacking madly, but never try their wings. When we were done cleaning their enclosure, we would just walk over and pick them up--no trouble.
Call ducks are well named, because that is one of their favorite activities: they will quack most of the day with no signs of tiring. They enjoy the company of their own kind but ours didn't mix well with other ducks or geese we had. They are hardy and easy to feed. Truly interesting little ducks.

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