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My perfect ducklings!


United Kingdom

Posted Jun 01, 2014

I received two ducklings from my Nan, who owns a farm. They ducks mother had passed away, and my Nan was too old to look after them properly, so she gave them too me. I had never owned a duckling before, or anything similar, so I wasn't entirely sure how to look after it properly, but I did a lot of research, and managed well.

Firstly, they were very messy. They pooped everywhere they walked, and they walked everywhere. Another thing is, they followed me around EVERYWHERE. I found it extremely adorable though, and not a burden at all. They were easy to clean, also. And enjoyed a ''bath'' a lot, which made it a lot easier too.

My other animals got along with them surprisingly well. I had a young Staffie (Dog) at the same time and was VERY nervous about how he would take to them. But, he ended up loving them just as much as me, and would actually protect them, and bark away any foxes. The ducklings rarely tried to "bite" anyone, and when they did, it didn't hurt at all. They didn't make that much noise either. They were vocal at times, but no more than a cat or dog would be, in my opinion.

Pros - Very adorable, not noisy, well-behaved, friendly, sociable, loving, calm, fine around children and other pets.
Cons - Messy, get a lot bigger and can become hard to look after once they do when it comes to enclosures.

I would recommend to people who don't mind cleaning up after these adorable little creatures, people who don't have pets, or pets that would be fine with them, and people who don't mind being followed around all day long.

I wouldn't recommend to people with expensive carpets, other aggressive pets, or no time to clean and care for these pets.

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