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Hermaphroditic Fowl


United States

Posted Apr 07, 2014

We used to own a small flock of call ducks, about five or so. One of these was neither male, nor female. We called this one Ducky. He or she was a peculiar duck and would often wander off away from the other ducks in search of whatever. She or he was a good slug-eater, though, so we kept her around. I would say that has to be the best thing about call ducks is their ability to eat slug. Less slugs is good for the garden, so that's the main reason we have the ducks. If it weren't for that, we'd have gotten rid of the things years ago. I can't stand the constant quacking. They quack all hours of the day and night at the smallest disturbance. A cricket could leap from one blade of grass to the either on the other side of the yard and they'd throw a ruckus about it. Three o'clock in the morning, all I hear are quacks! It's driving me crazy! Oh, well. We hatched them from eggs in an incubator. It was fun to watch them hatch, though it seemed so artificial. We didn't realize Quacky was a hermaphrodite until he/she matured. "It" doesn't have the coloration of either sex, but I hear that there have been many cases of this, so Ducky is not alone. Perhaps there should be a colony somewhere.. a place where all hermaphrodite ducks could be sent to live in peace and love with other hermaphrodite ducks. Wouldn't that be nice? I think so.

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