Buttercup Chicken

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Ontario, Canada

Posted Nov 13, 2011

We got these little beauties in a random assortment form McMurrrays Hatchery. The chicks are cute, friendly and brightly coloured with dark markings on yellow. They looked like they had little black spectacles on so were easy to ID from day 1. The cup shaped comb was just like a double line of singel combs at first.

The Sicilian Buttercups were mild mannered, shy but friendly and attentive. They were more timid in a group of mixed breeds and spend a fair bit of time up roosting. For a standard sized breed they are on the small side, and are pretty light to pick up. They eat very little.

They lay smaller white eggs fairly frequently. In a very cold climate (under -10*Celcius regularly) they may have trouble with frostbite as the circulation seems to be poorer to such a large and divided comb. Even our pullets did get frost nipped on the comb tips in a coop that never went under -10*C when outside was -25*C. Heated housing may be an option in colder climes.

Overall lovely, sweet birds that make nice pets,they would come and climb or fly up onto my knee. I wouldn't put them in with big, rougher, aggressive breeds as I think they would be miserable. I would have no problem putting them in with bantams though.

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