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Sicillian Buttercup Roosters NOT Recommended


United States

Posted Dec 31, 2012

I should preface this by saying that I keep chickens mainly as pets and, as such, their personalities and temperaments are more important to me than they would be to someone who keeps birds for show or production. I am of the belief that chickens that have been overbred for a narrow set of characteristics, i.e. production or, as with buttercups, comb shape and show quality, are inferior as animals. Clausidius, my buttercup rooster, was a prime example of why breeding for such characteristics exclusively does a disservice to the animal. When I began keeping chickens I stopped eating chicken meat - however, over the course of Claus's time with my flock I seriously contemplated making him into dinner. He was an AWFUL rooster. CLUELESS about predators, was rough on the hens and had an insatiable sexual appetite for no very good reason. He was big and gorgeous but seriously aggressive. After months of trying to get him settled with my flock which happened to contain one other very docile rooster he would NOT stop fighting with him (and continually lost, by the way, to a rooster way less than half his size) and so I separated them. That did not stop Claus from initiating fights through THREE layers of fencing. On one occasion a nip on the earlobe from my other rooster became infected and Claus nearly died. He bounced back after treatment. Claus constantly attacked me and at one point nearly broke my hand. As a last ditch effort to give him a chance at life before considering euthanizing him I removed his spurs. They were growing back just fine until he broke a spur nub off at the bed after another fight through the fence. Again I seperated him from the flock and treated him. He had lost a lot of blood but seemed to be improving. Then, his first night back in the coop, he died in his sleep. He was gorgeous and could actually be quite cuddly once you had him in your arms but the rest of the time he was the most useless farm creature I've ever met and his passing ended up being a blessing to my hens who are relieved to have him gone. I would NOT recommend this breed for anything other than showing.

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