Bulgarian White Pig

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Gender: Male

The other twin.


United States

Posted Jun 28, 2016

When we received Runt he was only an hour old. My children had been staying at a neighbour's house for the evening when the neighbor's cow decided to drop twins. The rancher did not have high hopes for the future of the runt calf in the pair.
My girls called in tears as the rancher was going to let the little newborn perish and the healthier twin flourish. I loaded the little thing in the back seat and drove it home with explicit instructions to the girls that he was solely their responsibility.
Runt flourished under the care of a ten and nine year old providing care and love. Bottle feedings three times a day. Brushing to make contact, washing his hooves while still small to preclude any infections, and constant stall cleaning.
My little girls loved that calf into a healthy full grown yearling bull. He was gentle with them and played like a puppy even as an almost adult. We sold Runt back to the original rancher for a tidy sum and the joy of seeing him be the ranch stud.

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