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Red and White Holsteins are like gems


California, United States

Posted Sep 17, 2015

Red and White Holsteins are becoming their own breed of dairy cow. The red gene is rare in Holsteins and is a recessive gene. To get red cattle, you have to breed a red cow to a red bull, and even then you only have a 50% chance of getting a red calf. Red Holsteins are typically lower in production than black and white Holsteins, probably because genetic progress has been greatly slowed by the smaller gene pool available for red cows.

The Red Holsteins on our dairy are really special. Even though they are lower milk production, they are like gems. We don’t have many, and don’t particularly try to breed red to red. The red gene is out there though in our herd. You can have recessive red cows (cows that have the red gene but appear black and white). It’s always a pleasant surprise when we get a new one.

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