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Buff Duck


United States

Posted Jun 16, 2014

I’ve kept a few buff ducks as part of an experiment with urban poultry and they have been an informative experience. I’ve read that they lay around 220 eggs per year, so much like the Pekins I have I’m hoping that this is a saving grace for them. I’ve kept only drakes. They have not been as aggressive as the Pekins, but are not nearly as tame or delicious as the Muscovy Ducks. Like the Pekins, and Khaki’s the Buff requires a large source of water. Their hygiene habits have contributed to about half of my backyard being turned into a mud pit. In terms of urban farming they are simply not worth the effort to me. The negative to the buff is primarily in the mess. I like animals that can provide a hefty utility or income with a minimal need for time invested (need vs. what I actually spend is always different since I love my birds!). The buff just couldn’t meet my standards.

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