Buckeye Chicken

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Birds of excellent temper,easy to handle,great layers,EXCELLENT MOUSERS


Texas, United States

Posted Mar 12, 2010

Buckeyes were a real pleasure to own with lots of personality  and great Character,They will Help Keep your mouse population in control on your farm or ranch,A mouse to them is sheer pleasure and you can see how much they enjoy them as they chase them across the yard,or even a leaf blowing across the yard will get them going till they see what it is.They are great at all kinds of pest control from insects to rodents and I've even seen them gang up on a young chicken snake and kill it.They Love People and coming running for attention if handled a lot,if not they only come running for food.Are very calm birds,and easy keepers,great free rangers or coop birds,excellent layers of Med.to Large Brown eggs,a nice heavy breed for the table also,And extremely Hardy in Hot Texas Summers as well as in Winter on freezing days.If Not For Medical issues and Closing our farm we would still have these wonderful gentle birds.We are no longer able to handle feed sacks and the Daily Chores required for keeping all the varieties of poultry we used to own,So are selling the farm for a smaller home with no room for poultry.If You get a chance to get buckeyes,I know you will love them as much as we did.We were breeders of poultry for over 16 years with everything from Quail to Peafowl.So enjoy the buckeyes and help get them off the endangered poultry breeds list.Thanks Pat

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