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Why Buckeyes are my friends.


Michigan, United States

Posted Mar 10, 2010

Having small children at the time, I was concerned about having roosters loose on the farm. Other people I knew had had problems with rooster aggression. My sister has been attacked more than once by different roosters she owned.
If you get real Buckeyes they do not become aggressive, no matter how mature, no matter how large. A real Buckeye will have a very small comb compared to most chickens, even the roosters.                Many Buckeyes you get from hatcheries will have some characteristics from other breeds. These can be flighty, pick at other birds and aggressive as they get mature. You can get Buckeyes from a large hatchery, but if you want them to be correctly breed specific, you will have to cull to the breed standard. It can be done if you have enough birds to start.
 We have had school children come visit our Buckeyes for animal science class. My big rooster has been to school to teach elementary school children about chickens. We have never had any problem with our Buckeyes. We have with other breeds.
I have sold mature mini flocks to novices and they love these birds because they are so user friendly!  

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