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Raising Buckeye Chickens


United States

Posted Feb 13, 2013

My family raised chickens, mainly the buckeye chicken breed, throughout my childhood. While we raised a lot of animals throughout that time, chickens by far were some of the highest maintainance livestock in terms of time consumption. They required frequent feeding, and in order for them to be profitable, you must have many of them. Therefore, there were MANY chickens to feed and monitor for health problems daily. Also, when you have many chickens, you have a mess to maintain throughout the year, and a "chicken coop" (as they are called in my region) is not the most attractive structure to have beside your home.

However, if you can deal with a lot of work and the unsitely mess they can leave, these chickens do have some benefits. The egg production of this breed is abundant; you can have plenty of fresh eggs for your family or simply just to sell with only a handful of hens. Also when overpopulated, we found these chickens were excellent to eat and had a good flavor. While I will likely not be raising chickens in the future, the cost saving of food chickens can allow a family is significant.

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