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Buckeye Chickens


Alabama, United States

Posted Oct 25, 2009

The Buckeye is a dual purpose fowl (meat & eggs), forages well and very cold hardy. They are the only American breed that sport a pea comb. The hens are very friendly and one must be careful not to step on them as they get right under your feet. Roosters may be aggressive, but most are friendly as well. The Buckeye Rooster reaches 8-9 lbs so not as easily handled by a small child. A 2 year old little girl next door to me loves to come over and feed mine grass-- to the little girl's delight, the hens run to her & surround her.

Buckeye hens are prone to go broody and make good mothers. The egg is light to medium dark brown and medium to large in size.

Buckeyes stalk and catch mice with the precision of a cat. Males make unusual noises including an occasional roar or loud growl. 

Buckeyes are very disease resistant and seem to survive injuries that would kill another less tough chicken. A opossum once attacked one of my hens on her roost and had her by the head. She appeared severely injured but survived (and I still have her). Although I live in Alabama, they do not tolerate heat very well. I run fans on mine in the summer, provide plenty of shade and ice in their waterers.

Buckeyes do well in confinement and are known NOT to feather pick each other in close quarters. They are also not aggressive with other chickens (I have never had blood in my yard). However, Buckeyes do better if allowed more space as they forage well. They are not the fast birds to get away from predators but their large size discourages hawks in my chicken run.

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