Brown Sex-Link Chicken

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United Kingdom

Posted Jan 13, 2015

I brought these chickens when they were two days old from a hobby breeder and they have been great. Originally we had 11 chicks (10 hens and one cockerel) but we sold some to friends who were looking to keep their own chickens once they matured and kept a much more manageable four hens and the cockerel.
There have been no problems with these guys, they are a bit skittish but will bolt over if you have food, anyway we didn't buy chickens as pets but rather to produce eggs and perhaps meat.
In terms of egg laying they are very productive and we have enough eggs not just for personal use but also to pack a couple of boxes for the local farmers market each week when the chickens are at the height of their laying. I have only eaten one of my chickens once; it turned out once the chicks started growing that one that was supposedly a hen was in fact a second cockerel. We tried to give him away but no one was interested so we ate him! That was a pretty new experience for me but I soon got over it and it was nice meat seeing as they have lived free range here.
As for housing that's pretty easy to provide, they have a fenced yard to run around in in the daytime and we brought a coop that we close up at night to protect them from foxes and the cold.
These guys are also ridiculously easy to feed, as well as their feed which we buy in bulk online they eat any carbohydrate or vegetable/fruit leftovers such as rice, stale bread or old vegetables and forage pretty well in the undergrowth. Once I weeded the garden and was surprised to find two had broken out of the fence with the sole purpose of raiding the compost heap for the weeds.
So all in all, nice chickens, easy to raise and keep and very productive!

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