Brown Sex-Link Chicken

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The 'mother breed' of egg layers


United States

Posted Nov 12, 2013

We generally call these girls Isa Browns. They are THE best brown egg layers in my experience, hands down. The eggs are large, nice shaped (a plus for selling at farmers markets), and they are very high producers. These girls just keep laying. Don't bother trying to use them for the stew pot after two or three laying years. There is nothing left. Keep them fed according to standards with correct amount of protein in the diet. They are excellent foragers and do well on grass and working through livestock manure to clean out the bugs. Docile, easy to handle and manage, they really aren't a show bird; they are a utility bird that will put eggs in your frying pan. If you plan to let them forage outdoors on grass or pasture, make sure to order them with beaks intact as you do not want to inhibit their foraging ability by removing their beaks. They have a strong sense of pecking order and will bully some hens. Use red lights in the brooder and growing phases to help eliminate pecking on eachother.

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