Brown Sex-Link Chicken

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Baker, Montana, United States

Posted Jul 19, 2013

If you want pleasant chickens that lay a lot of eggs then you may want to consider Brown sex-link chickens. We always had these chickens on the ranch. They do not get aggressive toward people or other animals. They mind their own business of scratching the dirt and eating bugs and table scraps. We always let our chickens have free range of the barnyard, except during the winter when it is cold. Then they have to stay in their warm chicken coop. If it is too cold they freeze their combs and feet.
They also lay a lot of eggs. We had 30 hens and our family of four could not use all the eggs we got. We had so many eggs we were always giving eggs to friends, family and neighbors. During the summer, hens will lay an egg everyday. During the winter they do not lay as often, specially if they are too cold. Keeping their water warm helps with egg production during the winter, along with keeping the coop heated. When they are molting, or loosing old feathers to get new feathers, they do not lay as often either.
These are good chickens for anyone to have.

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