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Posted Jan 16, 2013

Chicken people get a bit sniffy about ISA Browns, as they're known here in Australia, but if what you want is eggs, you can't go past this little brown number.
The ISA Brown is a cross which was bred to produce eggs and their capacity for production bears this out. Ours have always produced more readily and for more of the year than our other breeds.
Typically chosen for commercial egg production, you can do an ISA brown a favour by rescuing it from a battery farm. Such farms rarely keep them longer than a year, believing their production levels to fall away. Possibly in commercial terms they do, but give an ISA brown a home, let if free range and make it happy, and it will reward you with hundreds more eggs for years to come. And there's the rub: many people go with the notion that these little brown birds don't lay for longer than a year but they most certainly do. We have some in our flock who have been with us for as many as five years and still pop out eggs most days.
What's more, they're smaller than other more glamorous breeds, and eat less. They may not be lookers but if you're like us, you will come to love their pragmatic, productive approach to life.

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