Broad Breasted White Turkey

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Posted Jul 22, 2014

I wouldn't take anything away from my BB Bronze, and in fact this year I am raising both (because the hatchery had a great deal if you're not picky!), but if I was forced to choose one over the other, I would take the BB White, simply because they are a tad bigger and easier to dress because of the white feathering.

Other than that...like the BB Bronze, they are hearty, good feed-converters that grow quickly and end up large, with projections from 30 to 45 or 50 pounds. My favorite thing about them, though, is that they LOVE to eat bugs! So while I am growing a supply of meat for next year, they are simply decimating the Japanese beetle population in the back yard. I just cannot lose!

I'll use their meat for anything from pan-fried cutlets to ground meat or whole-roasters.

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