Broad Breasted Bronze Turkey

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BB Bronze Turkey: slow grower


United States

Posted Sep 25, 2015

My experiences with the Broad Breasted Bronze turkey were interesting. I had raised other turkeys before and was always happy with them, that was until the BB Bronze.
I found the Bronze bird grew slower, ate more feed, and didn't forage nearly as much as all the other turkey breeds I had raised in the past. 5 died before they were a week old. Once on pasture they tired to fight with my ducks on a weekly basis. I lost 4 birds half way thru the summer, they were there in the morning and gone in the afternoon with no sign of any "fowl" play. I believe they joined a group of wild turkeys I see from time to time on my land.
I don't know if this all was attributed to the breed or if it was an unruly batch from the hatchery. Either way I will steer clear of the Broad breast bronze from now on.

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