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Posted Apr 13, 2015

Growing up on a farm gave me many opportunities to experience different animals. The Bronze Turkey was just such an experience.

This is a beautiful bird that grows quite large. When we raised them many were over 30 pounds when butchered. Yes, they were raised to eat - not pets.

Our turkeys were left to roam free range. That means I would lock them in the barn after dark when they went to roost and let them out in the morning when I did chores. They are a flocking animal and were always in a loose group chasing grasshoppers or scratching for bugs around the out building.

Turkeys - especially the Tom's - can get quite aggressive if they think you are threatening their hens. More than once I've been attacked by 30 pounds of turkey.
Most often they were content to fluff up and strut around looking mean.

As a meat bird the Bronze has wonderful breast meat and at 30 pounds the rest was pretty impressive also. This is the bird to raise if you are going for large. They were easy to pre-sell for the Thanksgiving market as well.

They are hardy and well adapted to the free-range life. On the down side they don't chase very well and can be aggressive towards strangers (better than a watch dog actually). Smaller people and children can easily be hurt if they are not careful.

I would still recommend these birds for the farm yard just be aware of them.

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