Broad Breasted Bronze Turkey

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United Kingdom

Posted Feb 15, 2015

When a friend suggested the idea of getting turkeys, I was very reluctant as I have heard young poults require a lot of care and they are quite fragile. I decided to try it with a small flock nevertheless, and I am so happy I did that! It took a lot of time to prepare a good brooder for them as I had to set up infrared lamps to keep them warm, but my little turkeys turned out to be tougher than I expected, and soon grew into sturdy, absolutely beautiful birds. They are so inquisitive about everything, they love roaming around and are so sociable – they never miss to gobble when I walk past, and funnily if I say something to them they will gobble back.
I decided on this breed as it was most recommended to me for meat. They gain in weight really quickly compared to other breeds and have an ample amount of breast meat. I would definitely recommend the breed simply because they are so easy to take care of once they grow a bit and are generally calm, hassle free birds. They lay about an egg a day, and the eggs are large and tasty!

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