Broad Breasted Bronze Turkey

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United States

Posted May 06, 2014

I have never had a meat animal that I wanted to eat more than these turkeys!

Firstly, they do take some effort to raise. They can be very stupid... without special care, they can easily drown or choke or burn or... find more stupid ways to die! We have had turkey poults drown in the (normal) rain. Don't get lazy and pour the feed into their enclosure, they may decide to "catch" and suffocate themselves! Make sure your heat lamp is exactly in the right location. Unlike chicks, they won't move out of the way if it is too hot! (At least, ours didn't!)

Secondly, those who survive those early weeks can easily become aggressive and just plain nasty. When I took turkeys to fair, they would try to peck at my fingers every time I opened or closed their cage. Truly, I looked forward to the day they would be on my plate instead!

They *can* be amusing though. We had turkeys "ride" on the backs of the pigs like an animal rodeo. Just don't expect them to become anyone's pets!

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