Broad Breasted Bronze Turkey

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727355, Romania

Posted Apr 03, 2014

While the Broad Breasted Bronze Turkey is perfect for the industry, few people know that behind the great meat, there is a gentle bird who wants nothing more than to be left alone. I have had experiences with many turkeys of this breed, mostly because I live on a farm and the words which describe it best are, in my opinion, "gentle giants".
If you want to discover a whole different side to the common turkey, look beyond the meat and beyond the feathers. What you will find is a gentle giant who will love you in his own way. In my experience, these birds are very calm and they rarely do anything else than eat and walk around. They also tend to be very curious about the things around them that are new. The turkeys that I owned were very curious about the coffee cups. My mom and I would sit on the swing and drink the morning coffee and they would always come to us and look at the cups and at our clothes and oftentimes peck it just to see what it tasted like. It was funny to see them look at each other and then peck some more at the cups.
However, if you plan on keeping them for a longer period, you should remember that once they reach maturity, if you keep more of them together and they are male, they will start to fight among themselves, so you must be careful with them. Other than that, they are the perfect animals to be kept around the house.

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