Broad Breasted Bronze Turkey

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Broad Breasted Bronze Turkey


British Columbia, Canada

Posted Sep 09, 2013

Our Beautiful Broad Breasted Bronze Turkey Tom tips the scale at about 60 pounds and is calm and very gentle with us and his hens. I had heard horror stories of how Tom turkeys can be very aggressive so I was a little apprehensive when we decided we were going to get a "few" turkeys. I was pleasantly surprised at how socialable this breed of turkey is. We started out with one Tom and 5 hens and our first year we hatched out over 100 babies! Raising turkey poults is another feat of greatness... My first year of raising turkeys was one of trial and error. No one told me that they have no idea how to eat or drink. I assumed they were like chickens. I spent many sleepless nights making sure these little ones were ok until someone told me to put a couple baby chicks in with them and they will teach the turkeys how to eat. Then life became much easier. :)

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