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Cambridgeshire, United Kingdom

Posted Dec 05, 2012

Whether rearing pedigree or crossbred calves, the British White female excels as a mother. She will calve easily and give plenty of milk, even raising her output as the calf grows.

Polled for ease of management, British Whites will thrive on almost all types of land and can be easily out-wintered due to their hardiness and good conversion rates.

Calves are always quickly up after birth, will grow fast and wean heavily, typically at around 50% of the mother’s weight. This means that when it comes to fattening and finishing, British White offspring have as good a start as possible with low inputs and high returns.

With the ability to finish either on a completely extensive, grass-fed system at 24-26 months, or on a more intensive, corn and forage fed system at 14-16 months, the British White is incredibly versatile for both small and large scale beef producers to whom lowering costs and maintaining good feed conversion is key.

It is this versatility which has seen this once lesser-known British breed to become popular worldwide, with Associations now well established in both the USA and Australia. Other countries all over the world are also getting started with using British White genetics in both pure and crossbreeding programmes, such as Brazil and New Zealand.

The British White has a lot to offer stock keepers who want to breed with a low input, high output animal with exceptional quality, marbled beef.

The official website for the British White Cattle Society in the UK is:


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