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British Saddleback — The Perfect Pig


Congleton, Cheshire, United Kingdom

Posted Aug 31, 2012

The British Saddleback is the perfect all-rounder pig. They are low maintenance, particularly if you have woodland, farrow easily and have an even temperament. Indeed, of the various pig breeds I have reared the saddleback is by far the most even tempered. Indeed, they enjoy human company and will come to greet you when you approach.

Because of the colouring they are a pretty pig and are good for showing in local shows. Growth rate is about average, but they have a good meat to fat ratio if you are breeding for the table. They are also an excellent breed for clearing rough land. Like all pigs they like to root around and if you have some rough ground to clear for cultivation or improvement the saddleback will act like a living rotavator. As long as they have shelter they can be kept outside all year long.

Unlike other sows the saddleback tends not to be aggressive when they farrow (but each individual is different, of course). The piglets are great and ideal for children, just be careful as they grow (pigs are a big animal).

The only real problem with this breed, if you are growing for meat is not to get too attached. Their temperament makes that very hard.

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