British Alpine Goat

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One of the better ones for pet and Milking.


Clydesdale, Victoria, Australia

Posted Jan 17, 2013

My experience started by accident, when some one contacted me because they were leaving the state, and could I take their goats, I did.they were British Alpine, but not registered. Well the best one was Firefly, and she was a gem. Upright with all the traits that an Alpine should have but she was a herd bully and quickly became the leader, once there she would bring them in and have them at the gate at night in the morning they would go out, and milk she was terrific, she got her herd awards,and her milk Awards, she was R106*Q* and tragically her only daughter, that I kept hung herself in the fence on a very hot day and I wasn't home. the only problem I have with her was that she produced more males than females, she lived to a ripe old age of 12 years, and her daughters that she had, went on to milk brilliantly for their owners.I still try to maintain at least one in my herd even now because they help to produce a good milk for cheese making. and the quantity is excellent. Just one thing for any one considering a B/A, make sure your fences are up to scratch and higher than for any other goat, B/A's have a habit of Jumping.
My favourite Buck, a magnificient B/A, was only a buckling when I got him, and on this morning I was down feeding he was on the other side of the gate waiting for his breakfast, and Obviously wasn't quick enough, I turned my back and when I turned around he was beside me helping him self. I put him back gave him his breakfast, and carried on. well would you believe he jumped that 6' gate twice more. before I realized what he was doing, He was doing a standing start, up and over, the gate grew and that stopped him. but he was a beauty. we lost him at 15years old,

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