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The Cow (for) School


50182, Indonesia

Posted Feb 15, 2015

Cow is one of our family pet. But, my family is never raised animal for professionally. So, we are never having many cows. My family just has two cows. The cows in Javanese household in rural culture are important. We used the power and the faces for wet rice field.
My father was bought a pregnant cow. She was lived in the stable behind our house, side of Kambing cage. Everyday, my father was seeking Ilalang (weeds) for the cow's food. Sometimes, our cow was giving Kalanjana (Napier Grass), the grass that cultivate my father in the un-irrigated agricultural field.
Every morning, I made mix of rice and bran, water and salt for the Cow. When I was go home from school, I brought her to the forest. In the forest, many grass for the cow's food. I brought her to there, wait her ate the grass. When afternoon, I brought her to go to home. Ilalang or Kalanjana that was sought by my father was given to the cow in the afternoon.
Our pregnant cow was whelped. Her child was male. We are made celebration for that. We are made dawet, a cold drink made from rice or arrowroot flour, coconut milk and palm sugar. That celebration is tradition in Javanese rural culture. But now, that tradition is fading. The cow that bred by Javanese family sometimes used to hijacking the wet rice field. That hijack use the cow power.
The cow was sold by mw father when I want to continued of my school. My father hadn't money, so he sold the cow.

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