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Babi: Our Strong Brahman Cattle


6526, Philippines

Posted Oct 05, 2014

Well, it is actually my father who bought this cattle. He was interested because it is in demand in our province and it was offered at a very affordable price to him by his close friend who also runs a farm.

Aside from his huge size, long face with drooping ears, and appealing body (because of his hump over the shoulders), hahaha, these are the traits that we love about this breed:

Highly Tolerance to Heat
We experience hot climate in the Philippines most of the time and Babi shows high tolerance to heat. In fact, he can stand long hours in the middle of the field during sunny days. He doesn't mind the heat as long as he is able to eat a lot of grass. hahaha.

Resistant to Insects
It is actually common here to see cattle surrounded by flying insects when bathing or while eating, especially during rainy seasons. Thankfully, Babi is highly resistant to the attacks of these insects. He seems to not care at all. hahaha. It is none of his business. Maybe because of his thick skin. Insects are unable to bite. hahaha.

Resistant to Disease
There has been no instance wherein this breed got sick or what. Babi has always been strong and healthy.

Easy to Handle
They are very proper and obedient. It is easy to bring or drive towards a certain place. And, this breed has not shown any aggressive behavior.

Overall, we are very happy to have raised this breed. For the moment, we have two Brahmans, and we don't have plans to sell them.

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