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Queensland, Australia

Posted Jun 02, 2014

The Brahmans I've worked with have all been fantastic, with the exception of a few crazies, but you always get those.

They are incredibly hardy and are a must if you're in drought-prone areas like central western Queensland, Australia. Their loose skin means they aren't as troubled by the buffalo fly and all of the ones I've worked with have calved unassisted. Furthermore, unlike other breeds Brahmans have incredibly strong mothering instincts, so keep your distance if there's a new calf at foot. It is also wise to bear this in mind when mustering - you need to give Brahmans extra time to mother up, especially during drought times. The mothers will leave calves at water to search for food, and those calves will not budge until their mothers find them and tell them it's time to go.

They can be a bit flighty and dopey but that comes down to training, and whether or not you graze by set-stocking (many do in Aus but I opt not to) - if you get them in the yards and on a rotational grazing system consistently I've found they usually become easy to handle within a couple of months - they take well to herd mentality and will come trotting to you when it's time for a fresh selection of grass.

Brahmans are great if you want to graze busy areas like roads - their light colour means they're highly visible at night, which means fewer car accidents.

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