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Plantersville, Texas, United States

Posted Jan 12, 2019

I have farm sat many chickens and many of the families had a few Brahmas. These birds are not aggressive at all from my experience and are very fun to watch. They are the best finders of little bugs and random pieces of dropped oats or feed. They go CRAZY for meal worms and will come running like a pack of dogs when they see the bag. It is their absolute favorite treat! They are very smart birds and are very good at sticking to routine. If free-ranging, they will put themselves up at sundown and roost for the night, ready for you to close them off for their safety. The Free-range chickens are very clean and don't typically wander off of their property. It's like they have a sixth sense of knowing where the boundaries are even though they could easily cross them. They do very well picking around horse feet and don't typically care about friendly dogs being around. I've even had a couple choose to rest on some horses' backs, which is always fun to see and deserves a little laugh. The only drawback of free-ranging them, is that most of the time you have to go on an egg hunt to find where they have chosen to lay their eggs that day, but I guess that's alright if you love Easter egg hunts! I've noticed that the free-range chickens tend to be healthier as well and are less stressed, so I recommend using this method if you choose to have chickens. The Brahmas have beautiful feathers and are, in most cases, pretty friendly. Chickens do require a secure coop as coyotes and other animals are drawn to them as an easy meal and will sometimes run off with them during the day as well. Chickens can also be susceptible to diseases and sickness if not monitored properly. Water needs to be cleaned daily and vitamins should be provided. A good, thorough check of each bird occasionally should also be done to check for mites, and other skin issues and dealt with accordingly before spreading to your entire flock which can cause many issues. I recommend these chickens to anyone whom has space for them and is willing to research their needs and care thoroughly before taking in. Not always as easy as it seems, but can be if you go into it prepared with knowledge.

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