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Posted May 31, 2015

We've had many different types of hens, and this breed is really a pleasure to work with. They aren't superior layers, 3-4 eggs a week, but the eggs are fairly large and the yolks are rich and flavorful.

These sweet gals get along well with other breeds of hens, and they are very friendly and sociable with people of all ages. They also love to eat, and it is no wonder as ours most likely grew to weigh around 10 lbs each. Though I've never had their meat before, I've heard it is high quality, and as this is a fast growing breed, they would do well as either meat or egg hens.

My Cochins all had a keen sense for spotting predators, and as my other hens did not seem so apt to notice when danger was lurking, these hens really helped keep the brood alive and thriving.

They don't roam much at all, so foraging is limited but they will clear an area out in record time. One of the finest qualities of these hens was their temperament around my children. Not the slightest bit skittish, they seemed to welcome the almost abusively, loving fondling of my not so gentle children.

Had we not moved I would have kept these hens indefinitely and used them to raise chicks. They were more broody then my other hens, but when brooding they were still sweet which isn't very typical of most breeds. I've heard they make excellent mothers as well, so one of these days when I'm ready to face the challenge of having chicks on a mongoose infested farm, I will be acquiring a group of watchful, motherly Cochins to work their magic.

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