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North Dakota, United States

Posted Jun 24, 2010

Brahmas are one of the best "all around" chickens. They fit almost anyone's want for a chicken. They are large enough to supply a nice amount of meat, but also lay uniform, brown eggs all year long; even in the winter. They are fine for showing(small breeds, usually asian, do the best) and also make great pets. They are gentle although they are large. Most of the roosters get picked on by other hens or roosters, since they are not mean at all. The hen is a great layer, setter, and hatcher, plus she raises chicks well. The only problem i've ever known of was a hen that pecked whoever tried to gather the eggs from her. She wanted to keep them and hatch them.
~~~   Brahmas are hardy; good in cold and hot. They are healthy and happy to be kept in a pen or let loose. They are a large breed, but do not grow very quickly. They will grow tall, then get heavy. Brahmas are very attractive. There are dark, light, and buff, but i've only ever owned light brahmas. Of course, there are also Brahma Bantams, but their obviously not as good for layer, or meat production(small size). Brahmas are attractive since they have interesting color patterns around the neck and tail, plus their famous feathery feet and legs.
~~~   Brahmas are an absolute "must have" for any chicken people. If  your looking for a good breed, here you have it.

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