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The royals from the Chicken World


64735, Sweden

Posted Jul 15, 2014

Brahama, what to say about them, they are nothing but royalty. I got a pair of hens as a gift from a friend who had a big hatch and was running out of space, i like experimenting with various breeds and hence ended up with these little darlings. When I say little, I compare them to myself, in terms of hen size they grew up to be around 3 kg (6 lbs)

I should have got a pair of a rooster and a hen but was unable to do so, i mixed them up with the Golden Buff but I am not sure how it would have worked if they had a partner of their own kind. These hens are winter resistant and manage winters well. I normally do not raise hens for meat but for them since they had no rooster, I had planned to see how big they could grow and than feast on them (a pretty cruel outlook in some ways).

There were no major scares in terms of health, they stayed healthy and no injury concerns. Accept the fact that the rooster had taken liking to one of the hen a bit too much so chicken saddle was required for a small duration of time. They normally do not fight that much and maintain a steady pecking order within the flock. Unlike other hens, you rarely see them rushed and panicked, there is a certain grace about them which is hard to explain but can be felt when you see them. Since they are not fidgety, they are easy to keep in smaller areas however I will not recommend that at all.

They grew up quicker than i expected, a reason being that they were given chicken feed until the last few months in 60% chicken feed, 40% other grains, stuff and what ever they could manage in the yard. I found them very quiet unlike some hens which make a lot of noise, but these were an exception. They are docile, i would not call them friendly but they also accept that they can happily co-exist with human beings.

They like to brood, so getting the eggs from them was always a struggle. If you miss collecting the eggs over the weekend, rest assured that they would consider it as a sign to brood. The eggs are delicious, i personally prefer a darker pigment in eggs, makes them look more home grown. Since they ultimately ended up in the kitchen, have to say that the meat was very good. I normally get attached to my flock but some how I had already convinced my self that they will be used for the big family feast so it was only an obvious ending.

My recommendation is that you should keep them, they are worth it, specially for places which have longer periods of cool weather, they are idea. Calm, quite and dual purpose, good breed to say the least.

p.s. I do not have a real picture of them so taking one from the internet, the closest to the one that i had

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