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Posted Jun 05, 2014

What I originally knew about chickens you could fit into a thimble. But when I became the 4H sponsor at my school, and then my own child needed to raise livestock/poultry for 4H, I learned some things quickly.
She, along with my help, raised Brahma chicks. I'm not a big fan of raising animals to eat because I tend to become attached to them. I'm even foolish enough to name them. I didn't have too hard of a time with the chickens though as they quickly lost that cuteness quality after chickhood.
I enjoy fried chicken as much as the next person, and I think there is definitely something to be said for raising them free range and hormone free. It makes them AND you healthier.
That being said, chickens are loud, dirty creatures that peck at everything!! It is not an easy task to raise them either, as they require a bit of care. Or maybe I was just overly protective of my daughter's 4H project.
My only experience is with Brahmas, so maybe other chickens are different, and less squawky. I was most assuredly not made to be a chicken farmer, but we survived the project, and then turned them over to a local who actually does that kind of thing for a living. This is not an experience I wish to repeat, but probably will as my son will be old enough to join 4H year after next. I am definitely partial to animals you can cuddle and pet. You can't do that with a chicken, unless you like being pecked.

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