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Brahmas are Best!


Richmond, Kentucky, United States

Posted Mar 29, 2010

Brahmas are the perfect bird for anyone interested in purebred poultry.  Those of exhibition quality are extraordinary examples of what can be obtained through diligent and exacting breeding.
Those who have less than perfect show qualities are nevertheless great for just being themselves- Brahmas!  The only breed you'll ever need, unless you happen to live in Death Valley. 
Cold hardy, good winter layers, humidity-tolerant, friendly, personable, and just plain nice are all virtues of the mighty Brahma.  They have made themselves known throughout the world, but shine especially brightly here in the United States.  You will find them in the finest of poultry shows, both in the Large Fowl and Bantam classes.
If you need a bird for your children, Brahmas are the perfect little companions.  They are docile, love to be petted and hugged, and easy to bathe and groom.  Brahmas thrive on attention of their human caretakers, and are so grateful for their company.  They are so easy to fall in love with, as any Brahma breeder will tell you.
The American Brahma Club is filled with dedicated Brahma fanciers; folks who have been raising and breeding Brahmas for 60 years or more, plus the new folks who are just learning how wonderful these birds can be.  Why not join the best breed club in the world, a club that celebrates the very best breed of purebred poultry in the world?  The Majestic Ones, the Brahmas!
Yours in the Fancy,

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