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Victoria, Australia

Posted Aug 29, 2013

Brahmas are excellent chickens to have. They’re incredibly calm natured and happy to be around people most of the time. Some will even take a fancy to a particular person and will make a point of being near them whenever possible, or following them around outside like a little feathered shadow.

When kept free range, they require little in the way of looking after. As long as they have somewhere dry and safe to sleep at night and some clean water, they are happy enough to leave their feed for other birds while they go dig up some tasty bugs or grubs. They’re also incredibly fond of lettuce, so if you grow your own and don’t want it eaten, be sure to fence it off so they can’t get to them. Mesclun, or lamb’s lettuce, seems to be a firm favourite with my Brahmas!

Brahmas are a lot larger than other chicken breeds, so if you’re keeping them in a coop, ensure you have one big enough for them to run around in and if it’s safe to do so, let them roam around outside the cage as often as possible. Hens will produce several eggs a week, providing you can find them. Brahmas are also great at hiding their nests if they are free range.

Would definitely recommend this lovely breed to those who have not had much experience with poultry before. They also make excellent pets if you're not keeping them for their meat.

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