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Beautiful, Busty Brahmas


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Posted Feb 17, 2013

I've always had a penchant for Brahmas. When well handled, they are healthy, efficient, dual purpose fowl, but are also beautiful and easy-going.

I know these reviews are meant to be geared toward "brass tacks" productivity issues, but when you raise chickens on anything less than a "mass production", large brand, commercial scale, temperament DOES come into play in relation to productivity. For instance, it may not be an important factor that the chickens aren't friendly toward children in specific, but temperament IS important if the breed is prone to frequent brooding, or vice versa.

Brahmas are decent producers because they are laid back, and because it is so relatively simple to keep a large group of them "happy as hens." The hens are not easily traumatized, which is great if you live in a rural area with roaming wildlife, (snakes, bears, foxes, etc.) For the same reason, they are also great for beginning fowl farmers. Basically, they won't let you mess up too detrimentally.

They tolerate both warmer and colder weather well, and also tolerate coops and/or confined areas well. Pair this with the fact that they are both meat and egg producers (large eggs), and in my opinion, you've got a darn steady bet at the very least!

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