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My Dark Brahma


California, United States

Posted Mar 22, 2012

My Dark Brahma is one of six chickens in my flock and is by far the gentle giant of the group. Her blue-ish gray and black feathers are beautiful. And they cover her legs and feet, as well, which makes her a conversation starter. She has the most friendly, patient, and trusting demeanor of all the hens in my flock. She likes to be held and pet and is terrific with children (doesn't mind being picked-up, put down, picked-up again). This may be because when we got our chicks we made sure to handle them all several times a day and talk and sing to them. So they've been acclimated to people. Also, she is fairly quiet compared to my other chickens.
As for egg production, I don't know yet. Which brings me to the only down-side to this breed that I can tell so far. They are slow to mature. Six months in and still no eggs. I'll update this when I finally get some with how often she lays, the size of the eggs, etc.
All in all, Dark Brahmas are great chickens that are friendly, docile, and great with kids. I would totally include at least one in any flock.

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