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Luv of a rare breed, the Brabanter


Missouri, United States

Posted Feb 01, 2011

While searching for a rare breed standard size chicken I came across the Brabanter. More popular in Europe, where they originated, and with only a handful of breeders here in N. America it I had to chose wisely on where to acquire my start. I chose a private and professional breeder whom takes the time and effort into producing correct specimens of the breed. In the US there are two color varieties, gold and cream. I preferred the cream color and again found it a challenge to get Brabanters that were true to color, as many keep the gold and cream together.
My decision on the breed was based on egg production, rarity, color/camouflage, intelligence, and appearance (not worded in a particular order). I would encourage anyone who would like to raise the Brabanter to do so with hopes of proper breeding and management to preserve this very rare beauty.
I have found that being rare they are not as readily available, as say a Leghorn. Many think at first they are a "mixed breed". Hens are also not inclined to go broody and hatch chicks, always a good excuse to keep a Silkie on hand.
Since hatch I have not lost one and they are extremely hardy. Hens lay very large white eggs. They are not aggressive towards other poultry, fowl, pets, people or children. They are excellent foragers, during the day they spend most of time in the woods and brush. They are great fliers and been told they can actually climb a tree. I have yet to see one do this but I am living for the day I see it for myself.
I believe the Brabanter would make a great "city chicken", pet, and/or farm chickens. I have had no problem what so ever selling the roosters, which I find surprising because sometimes one can not even give a rooster away. I suppose their handsome stature, unusual coloring, horn-like comb, and mild temperament is a few of the reasons people desire to have one of their own.

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