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A Bourban Red Turkey.


United States

Posted Jan 30, 2015

My experience with my Pet Bourban Red Turkey has been interesting to say the least. If considering to keep a turkey as a pet, I might say a turkey hen would be more apt to be a friend. Generally speaking and from my own experience, a turkey gobbler will be a good pet and then out of the blue will wake up one morning to decide he is the new "King of the Castle" and no longer needs to sheltered or fed and may go to great lengths to establish his new found freedom. Where a hen seems to truly remain loyal or as loyal as a bird can be throughout her life.

Even though he did go through this challenging phase, after a few reminders and even a dog attack, which is another story; he has calmed down and perhaps has realised he needs a friend too in this modern world where he lives.

The one thing about Mr. T that I doubt will ever change is his total inability to allow another person near him and especially a woman. Ye be warned. When I see the neighbors are out, I put him in his pen straight away. I have caught him challenging the neighbors before and this is not good for someone that doesn't know how to handle a bird of his size. Although he is still "just a bird" many people are afraid of him as much as they might be a wild coyote.

A Bourban Red will outgrow many other breeds of Turkeys as well and can get up to 80 pounds in some cases. Later in life, he may get to where his legs will no longer hold him up but if I keep him in shape by watching his diet and letting him get out with plenty of exercise this end may be avoided.

Good luck if choosing a Bourban Red Turkey for a pet! I really do recommend sticking with the hens as a pet and friend.

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