Bourbon Red Turkey

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A Strange Tale


United States

Posted Dec 26, 2014

So my Aunt had a pet turkey for a couple years, originally he was meant to be food but she grew attached to him and decided that she couldn't eat him. But then after she'd had him for a couple years she had to give him up because she was moving. My family has a couple acres of land and other animals so she brought him to us and begged that we keep him and not eat him. For the first year he was a calm friendly turkey. He would run around with our chickens, our dog, and my younger siblings and never threatened us. Then out of nowhere he just switched. He started getting EXTREMELY aggressive so we had to put him in his own fenced in enclosure. We thought it was a temporary period because of mating season or something like that but he never went back to his old friendly self. He's still living a free, happy turkey life and is a GREAT guard turkey for the property. He terrifies the mailman.

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