Bourbon Red Turkey

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Posted Nov 20, 2014

I had a pair of Bourbon Red Turkeys a few years back that proved to be a very educational experience. The female was flighty and skittish and managed to hatch out three babies but was a terrible mother. She was clueless beyond going broody. She would set and set for what seemed like months, but when she would hatch a baby, she would abandon it almost immediately. The turkey eggs she laid were some of the prettiest extra large eggs I have ever seen, a creamy color with light grey speckles. The male was much less skittish and once he hit maturity, took to roosting just behind the coop on the roof of the barn so that he could leap onto the coop roof at first light, fan his tail and march back and forth making that drumming sound that male turkeys do. I didn't realize that he roosted on the barn until I had to handle some chores at night and when I opened the barn door and turned on the light, his lumpy red turkey head was hanging down right over the doorframe! It startled me thoroughly. He was a bit of pill and from what I could tell, the dominant of my male turkeys and ready to fight with the other males any chance he could get. I liked him because he was showy, with his tail fanned almost all the time. I would own another male of this breed, given the opportunity. As for the hen, however, I am far more likely to try another breed.

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