Bourbon Red Turkey

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Florida, United States

Posted Aug 21, 2014

The Bourbon Turkey's probably one of the most interesting breeds of turkeys that I've had. They have a beautiful deep reddish / brown feather pattern that is very memorable.

They produce a very nice tasty meat and are overall a nice large breed of turkey. Being that their feathers are rather colorful I've seen many people use them for various craft projects as well.

I personally raise my poultry free range, and this breed of turkey has always been a pretty good scavenger. They'll eat anything they can find, from insects,worms, and they love old bread and veggies.

Bourbon Red's are also a heritage breed of turkeys and they're not quite as widespread as they once were due a decline in commercial use. If you have interest in having heritage birds on your farm, then I would highly recommend this be part of your flock.

Two things to keep in mind that are in general for turkeys:

Egg production is not going to be comparable to chickens, your best bet is to use turkey eggs for further flock production, if possible in an incubator.

Male turkeys can be very temperamental at times, mostly around breeding season. It's best to carry a lightweight but 3-4ft pole with you when you're around them. You just need to carry it around to quickly show that you're much, much bigger than they are, not to actually hit them with it.

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