Bourbon Red Turkey

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Posted Jul 22, 2014

Red bourbons are an older breed now considered more of a novelty and/or heritage breed. They do make quality meat, but are one of the less popular meat choices.

These birds won't grow as fast or as large as other domestic options, but they are considered something of a higher-cuisine turkey with higher flavor, as is the case for many "real" and heritage breeds. Feed conversion is not as good as a white or bronze broad breasted, but they grow to a good size (15 to 28 pounds or so).

Achieving large size with these birds is more challenging because the breed hasn't been kept up and selected for. On the other hand...they are good rangers and pasture birds, and some people simply don't want 45 pounds of unneeded turkey meat every holiday, so if you are looking for a smaller fresh bird this could be just right for you.

They are said to be a very, very friendly turkey and enjoyable to keep, and because they are more of a pure strain keeping some over would, I suspect, be easier than meat-types.

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