Bourbon Red Turkey

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Our Red Bourbon Turkeys


Texas, United States

Posted May 31, 2012

These are beautiful, medium-sized heratige turkeys. They are rare, with only about 10,000 of these left in the world. We got them as chicks from a hatchery. They were straight-run, so we ended up with three boys and four girls. The boys are beautiful, as seen in the picture. They fluff up their feathers when trying to show off for the females. They like to follow you around the yard, but as they matured, they became increasingly aggressive toward the dogs and children. They have chased my five year old son down numerous times and will attack without being provoked, only due to proximity. Our Pyrenees guard dog, if attacked by the turkeys, will take them by the wing and fling them away and will attack them. She will not allow that kind of behavior. The hens, however, stayed very sweet. They have a strong setting instinct. All four hens set this spring, but one of them never came home. They are free range, so they come and go as they choose during the day, and share the goat's pen at night.

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