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Bunny and FooFoo my Border Leicester ewes.


Texas, United States

Posted Mar 23, 2013

My two Border Leicester ewes were a gift from my father who often gave me unasked for gifts. He bought them at an auction when they were yearlings. I had the two ewes for 8 years until I went to college.

They’re a bigger sheep than the Hampshires, which is what I was use to. And they have an odd appearance with their big ears and longer noses. It was their big ears that reminded me of rabbits and so I named them Bunny and FooFoo. They had a more gentle, calm nature than the Hampshires and both had very good maternal instincts. The only studs I had were the Hampshires so I cross bred them and almost all of their lambs had the Border Leicester appearance.

The two full bred Border Leicester ewes were fabulous wool and milk producers and required being shorn twice a year with a very heavy yield each time. Because their wool is longer and more crimped I sold it separately to an individual who used it for her personal spinning and weaving. She was a textile artist and liked the wool because it had a better luster. And when I went to college and sold all my sheep, I sold Bunny and FooFoo to her.

I liked Bunny and FooFoo, they were very sweet sheep, docile and tame. I’d recommend the Border Leicesters for milk and wool.

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