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New Zealand

Posted Sep 19, 2015

We bought 7 chicks, one turned out to be a rooster, but we decided to keep him anyway (at least until he got noise complaints from the neighbours and had to be rehomed a few months later). Hand raised them in a hutch under a light from a young age.

It's a beautiful breed of chicken, little bit special, and showy. Not particularly large sized, probably slightly smaller than your average meat chicken. Their feathers are beautiful, and I used to collect the ones that fell and take them to day care and the 3 and 4yr olds loved making things with them and playing with them.

As far as eggs go, they laid one or two eggs a day, small to medium sized eggs, just average looking one's. We have had other breeds of chickens before, that had much bigger and slightly better eating quality eggs, these chickens are more for show than anything else to be honest.

We did have a problem with one of them, that became an egg eater. And we looked up online how to stop it, and tried to stop it for a couple of weeks, but couldn't, in the end we had to find out which chicken it was and kill it. You can't really keep one chicken in there that does that, the others will eventually copy, and you'll have no eggs and chickens fighting etc, it's not a good thing to happen. This can happen with any breed of chicken, it's not a breed specific thing, but if you notice eggs are being pecked and eaten, you will need to deal with it straight away and find out which chicken it is and seperate them then decide what to do.

You can make some degree of profit from selling chicks, because they're beautiful, and you can take them to pet shows and farm shows etc. But you won't make money selling them as egg or meat birds. They're pretty domestic.

The Good:

* Lovely to look at, and a good talking point when people come over, these are birds you can be proud to show off, 'hey guys come over and check out my chickens', it has been said before...
* No special requirements for food or health, they ate whatever we gave them
* Placid personalities, no trouble with people coming near them, and they did not fight with the other chickens around them at all
* The feathers are cool for crafting

The Bad:

* Not profitable as a meat or egg laying hen
* Their feet get really dirty, because of the extra feathers, and can sometimes get crusty, we've felt the need to wash them before, but having a little paddling pool in there did help especially in the summer.
* The eggs are not high quality or very large, they do taste fine, but they're not as good as others I don't think.

Overall, it'd be good to have just a few, or even just a pair (the Roosters do look spectacular), keep them in a small section, or for shows etc. But I would not recommend breeding them, or using them for meat etc.

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