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Boer Goat From Hell


United States

Posted May 20, 2016

My Goat's name is Walter. I actually have two goats, brother and sister, but I am reviewing the male. I have a love/hate relationship with Walter. He is devilish and cute and as long as he is in the pen and you are out of it, he is loving and sweet. He is very bullish though. He is also very LARGE. He liked to head butt everyone! He bruised my thigh with his horns many times. My advice would be to really look at your goats personality before you buy. He was the one with all the personality and was a head butter as a baby. We thought he was really funny and assumed he would outgrow this behavior. No way. I wish he were tamer because we enjoy his sister who never butts anyone and is very mild mannered. We cannot let Walter out to graze unless my husband is home to put him back in the pen because we cannot get near him! It's difficult. Everyone is afraid of him. But my husband plays the Alfa and puts him in his place, so he can control him better. This is not a great goat for women or children. At least ours isn't. Since these are the only two Boer goats I have ever owned, I do not know if they are all this way.
His plus is that he is extremely entertaining. His personality makes him fun to watch and talk about, just doesn't make him the greatest pet. He would not make a good show goat either because he would not behave, I'm sure of it.
Again, best advice I can give is to be sure to spend some time with a goat before you buy it and don't assume their personality will change because it won't. Also, look and see what the parents are like! I heard that Walter's mother was the same way.

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