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Roanoke, Virginia, United States

Posted May 19, 2015

Throughout all the goat breeds I have come in contact with, Lester has blown them all out of the water. His father was a boer, his mother mostly la'mancha. His mother was very ill when he and his brother were born, so I took the two in to raise. His brother passed before his fifth month, but Lester thrived. After only a few short months, his mother got better but Lester remained my little boy. He has proven very intelligent and intuitive, always knowing just the right buttons to push when my mood is not at its best. He has always been easy going and nurturing, reprimanding the youngest kids when they fail to see how good they have it and trying to break past the fence. He knows his boundaries. He has protected the herd and myself numerous times from coyotes, always willing to take a blow for his family. Goats sometimes have the reputation of being greedy, but my little boer always stands to the side and lets the oldest herd members eat first. I can even share an apple with him without him stealing the entire thing for himself (which I cannot say for my la'mancha girls). While I wish I had nothing but good things to say about Lester, there have also been rough patches. When he was young and just at the early stages of sexual maturity, he became rather aggressive with the herd members. He even accidentally threw his weight around me a few times while he adjusted to the change in hormones. Sometimes the la'mancha greed jumps to the forefront and he takes down a fence for leafy greens just outside his reach, but he is always quick to draw my attention to the damaged fencing, guilt clear on his face. I try not to blame him too harshly, for, since he was raised by humans, he does not grasp how big he really is and the fence just cannot handle the weight.

All in all, I give my boer goat experience with Lester a 9.9/10, and I wouldn't trade my little boy for anyone in the world.

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