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Nellie - Best Boer Nanny Ever!


United States

Posted Aug 29, 2014

I've had goats of various breeds for over 10 years. I LOVE them, and have often wondered why I didn't have them earlier. I'm not a meat producer; my goats have always been my buddies, and I find it essentially impolite and no small act of betrayal to turn my buddies into meat.

My favorite goat is Nellie, a 6 year old Boer doe who has been living with me since she was a month or so old. I had always heard that Boers make better food than friends so had steered away from getting one. I don't know if Nellie is an exception or not, but she is a fun companion! We bottle fed her gatorade and sugar free Kool-Aid for three years, and I think this helps keep a goat gentle and affectionate.

Nellie has never been destructive the way some goats are. She does occasionally slip through the fence but the most damage she's ever done is nibbling on my grape vines. Perhaps she is a wino at heart? I don't know. But she passes right by fresh laundry flapping on the line to get to the grapes!

We live on a mini farm and nearly every day I move Nellie from her night yard to a different grassy area. She walks on the leash with very little resistance (better than some dogs I've had!). She comes to me when she sees me and enjoys being scratched and rubbed.

Nellie gets pretty feisty if she's touched when she's in heat. I learned this the hard way, and will spare you the details - just imagine a hundred pound nanny chasing a big ol' fat middle aged lady down a hill at full speed and you get the picture.

Nellie is a delightful friend. She has a vivacious personality, a sweet disposition, and is a never ending source of amusement.

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